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License / Certification Number

*   Your backflow tester certification number.
*   The date that your current backflow tester certification expires.
*   A digital copy (image or PDF) of your backflow tester certification.

Tester Profile

  The name of the company you work for, if applicable.
*  Your first/given name.
*  Your last/family name.
  The first letter of your middle name, if applicable.
  Any title or suffix from the end of your name, such as Sr, Jr, II, III, etc, if applicable.
*  Your main work contact phone number, with area code.
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*  Your email address. Used for sign-in and to receive all emails from the backflow portal.
*  The street number and name you use for receiving work-related mail.
  The apartment or unit number of your work-related mailing address.

Test Equipment

Add New Equipment

*  The make of the backflow test equipment.
*  The model name or number of the backflow test equipment.
*  The backflow test equipment's serial number.
*  The most recent date on which the test equipment was calibrated.

Certificate file must be an image file (GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, TIFF) or PDF.

My Equipment List

Make Model Serial # Calibration Date File Name


Please Note:
Test results can only be submitted within months of the calibration date of the equipment listed. Please ensure your test equipment is up to date to prevent delays in testing.

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